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Changing the Exposure on Your iPhone

I used to hate taking pictures with my phone.  I could compose a great image, but the exposure was always WAY off.  It was either too bring or too dark.  Until one day, an angel from heaven showed me how to take control and tell my iPhone what to do!

How to Change the Exposure on your iPhone

iPhone instructions:

1. Open your camera app.
2. Tap the screen where you want to focus.
3. You’ll see a little yellow box pop up on your subject and a little yellow to the right of that box.
4. Before the box disappears, place your finger on the screen and drag it up or down based on whether you think the image is over or under exposed.
5. Press the shutter button to take your picture

Wasn’t that easy?? Your iPhone pictures will never be the same again!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADxRdq8xguc]For those of you using an Android, this article breaks it down for you.

1. Swipe from the left to reveal the camera mode menu.
2. Tap the Settings icon in the bottom right of the screen.
3. Tap Advanced.
4. Enable the Manual exposure switch.
5. Return to the camera.
6. Tap the three-dots menu button while in the viewfinder.
7. On the far left, tap the +/- button to manually adjust exposure up or down. Other smartphone cameras should have similar functions.

Just google “how to change exposure for ______”. And you should be able to pull up a video or article explaining how to do it.

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