Christmas Eve

The anticipation of opening presents the next day was enough motivation to have the kids help clean the house.  We cleaned and cleaned and I prepared the Christmas Eve feast and promptly and 5:30ish we read from Luke and then opened our traditional Christmas Eve present.  Which for the third year running, as been the latest Disney Pixar Movie.  We filled up our plates with veggies and pigs in a blanket and settled in to watch Up.

The Christmas Feast is a tradition that I grew up with.  A meal of finger foods.  In the past I have always made everything that I could remember from when I grew up (except the shrimp and pate, cause that’s disgusting!)  Last year we had enough leftovers to last us through New Years.  We were so sick of sausage dip and BBQ ‘lil smokies that this year we vowed to make a change.  We just had a veggie platter, cheese and crackers and pigs in a blanket.  We have some leftovers, but since most of it was veggies, it was ok.  nothing so heavy that we wanted to die by the time we were done eating.  Much better.  I kind of miss the dip, but not the vomiting I surely would have experienced had I made it.  Sorry Mom ๐Ÿ™‚

I have to admit that this tradition of ours is one of my favorites.  Matt is a hard core “don’t open presents before Christmas” kind of guy, but 3 years ago he suggested we watch Ratatouille as a family on Christmas Eve.  So I searched through the presents, found it and thus started the tradition.  Last year we watched Wall-E, this year was Up and next year will be Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3 is coming out June of next Summer.  We’re planning on going to see it as a family after Speck is born.

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