About 20 miles from Alamo, up the mountain and through the local National Forest lies a little town called Cloudcroft.

Cloudcroft is a magical place.  A place where it is 20 degrees cooler than it is here in the heat.

I love the heat.  The heat and the sun are magical too!  But as much as I love the desert and the feel of the baking sun on my arms and face, there are times when a break is in order.

Yesterday was one such day.  So we drove up and went to one of the playgrounds.  The kids played and ran all around while Matt and a sat on the swings and enjoyed the cool air.

Not too long ago, Lucy mastered the monkey bars.
Spencer has not.
Lucy has yet to master the art of not freaking out when bugs are nearby
… I haven’t either for that matter.
Jack-Jack slept the whole time.  What a good boy.
Don’t you just want to smooch those cheeks!  Neener, neener!  I get to!  He’s got some pretty big lips too.  But with the combined genes of Matt and I, did we really expect anything less?  You can’t see them now, but he is our first blue eyed baby.  I know they may not stay that way, but he has beautiful dark blue eyes.  All of the other kids had smokey grey eyes.  All of the other kids were also dark haired and turned blonde later but Jackson was born blonde.

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