I have a confession. I expect too much from my kids. I was moaning to Matt the other day, how our kids just don’t like each other. The girls are always being mean and Spencer and Emma are always fighting.

Matt said “But Courtney, they DO get along. REALLY well. You just only focus on when they are fighting”.

And he’s TOTALLY right! I’ve been paying better attention the last week. And my kids DO get along with each other. There is always extremely loud giggles coming from the girls and squealing from Spencer when the three of them get together. Lucy and Emma cry when I separate them because they are too loud during quiet time. Lucy reads to her siblings and is a big helper. In fact, they only don’t get along about 5% of the time.

I need to not expect perfection from six, four and two year olds… especially when their Mama doesn’t always get along with them.

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