January 30

Congratulations Matt!!



Matt was accepted into a six year OMS residency!  I’m so proud of him, he has really worked hard.  So this summer we will be heading out for a new (and very long) stay in New Jersey.
The longest we have ever lived in one place is four years in Seattle while he was in dental school.  Now we are off for more school and Emma will be 13 by the time we leave the Jersey Shore.
This will be quite an adventure!

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  • We are so proud of Matt. Congratulations you two. How exciting. I was born in New Jersey, soooooooo ….. well I’d love to say it holds a special place in my heart, but the truth is I left there when I was just a few months old and never went back. But hey, how bad can it be. It birthed me.;-) Good luck you guys.


  • Congratulations to Dr. Wilson! We are very excited for all of you and wish him the best of luck! Good luck with the move!
    PS-Say hi to Snookie if you see her on the Jersey Shore:)


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