Copy Cat

So I’ve copied my sister Megan, yet again. I’ve printed out job/sticker charts for Lucy (and Emma and me and Matt). The girls and I are doing really well, Matt… not so much. You’d think it would be easier since he only has four jobs (empty the dishwasher x 2, gather the trash and put his clothes away.) I guess he needs reminding like the kids… he likes getting the stickers though. The girls are pretty good if I remind them, but I’m most proud of MYSELF! I’m actually productive during the day and don’t feel guilty for the time I spend not doing things that are AS productive.

Spencer woke up with a mohawk. I didn’t think his hair was long enough for it, but there you go. He may turn out to have curly hair after all. With Emma’s face, a dimple and curly hair…

Emma told me ” Mommy, a get you a pokin pox a get YOU!” Which means “Mommy, I’m going to get you Chicken Pox to eat!” to which I replied “EEEEWWWEEE!”

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