Date Night

The other day, Matt was the third caller (and the first and second) to the local classical radio station and won us two tickets to go see a concert at Kneisel Hall in Blue Hill. So we got a babysitter and drove to Blue Hill. We overheard someone behind us saying that the performers tonight were the “Cream of the Crop” and that the same concert in NYC would be $200.

It was broken up into three different parts. The first part was the one I enjoyed the most. Mozart (who doesn’t love Mozart) and it was a piano string quartet. The guy on the piano had to be at least 400 years old but his wrinkled fingers moved faster than I ever have in my life. Even faster than Spencer (and that is saying something). He was the first place prizewinner of the 1948 Rachmoninoff Piano Competition.

The second part wasn’t nearly as impressive for me. Matt enjoyed it. It reminded him of a stormy sea. The composer was some guy named Arnold Bax. I thought it had a few really beautiful parts, but mostly noise (you know, 2 year old banging on the piano kind of noise) and there were parts that weren’t noise, but weren’t beautiful either, kind of sinister sounding, actually. I didn’t care for it at all.

The third was Robert Schumann. Very nice, well performed… but not Mozart. I just LOVE Mozart, what can I say.

Highlight of the evening? It was when we got stuck in the mud and half of the students and the president on Kneisel Hall had to come and help push our van out. Then we ran over a cone and it took forever to get it out from under the car.

I think I’m going to go download some Mozart from itunes. I always forget how much I like his work.

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