Day 10

Today was a good and fun day. After scriptures and songs we did a “Math Meeting” outlined in the Saxon book. Just your basic calender and weather chart. We worked on lesson 2 in the Saxon book (1st grade). It was right on the money for Emma and PAINFULLY easy for Lucy. So much so that afterwards, she voluntarily finished a subtraction worksheet she has been working on for a week.

Then we read about Archimedes. Talk about a NEAT dude! We read about his lever and how he moved a ship that “couldn’t” be moved, then about how he discovered the law of displacement. We filled a tiny measuring cup full of water and figured out how many pennies it takes to make the water rise up 2.5 ML (it takes 7) and how many nickel to do the same (4). Then we weighed each group. The pennies were .68 oz and the nickels were .78 oz. So the different groups had a different weight but the same volume. Then we read and talked about his exponents and pi. Of course it was all over her head, but she liked the drawings and introducing the vocabulary and concepts now are going to make it easier for her once she has to really do it.

I haven’t decided yet whether I am going to do the “subject a day” or “subject at a time” approach. I wouldn’t worry about too much, but Maine has some pretty stinky homeschool laws. I have to get Lucy ready for standardized tests or review by a teacher or school board. I try and cover the basic 3 R’s each day. And I can do most of it in basic “Mom” stuff. We read the scriptures together and Lucy will read stories to me and the other kids throughout the day. I’m going to get some phonics games for Emma, since the method I used with Lucy isn’t working with her. And we’re covering math with the Saxon Homeschool kit.

Currently I’m doing a subject at a time, but just because it’s working out that way. I’m having a lot of fun reading “Mathematicians are People, too”, so I’ve been reading it out loud to the kids (Lucy is the only one that listens). She was really sad when I read how Archimedes died.

Both have their pros and cons. I guess I’ll just see how it pans out this Summer, trying them both and seeing which works better. Once September comes and our Summer traveling is over with I’ll get a more concrete plan down. Because regardless of which learning phase they are in. I need a plan so that I’m not just winging it from day to day.

I’m also saving up for some neat curriculum that I found online. Kimber Curriculum They have some REALLY great stuff for just Lucy and Emma’s ages. I’m especially excited about the science (My Body is a Temple: Physiology) and history (I love America) and I think even the math would be a great supplement (How and Why Heavenly Father uses Numbers) and it even includes a Jr Book of Mormon study guide with an activity and music CD. It’s pretty pricey, but hopefully by October I’ll be able to add it to my homeschool bookcase.

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