Day 11

After our scriptures, songs and math (lets just call that our morning stuff from now on) we looked at an oceanography book. We looked at hundreds of pictures of creepy fish and other sea creatures. Yes! You read that right! FISH! I swallowed back the bile as best as I could, constantly chanting “It’s a picture, it can’t hurt me, no matter how ugly it is” over and over again.

I have to say. Most fish are SOOO gross!! Bug eyes, fat lips, weird colors and shapes. Beyond creepy.

Then we read some more from Mathematicians and People too.

In the next week or so, we will be planning our family vacation to Woodstock, NY to visit my Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle David. We always have SO much fun with them and love visiting. We’ll be spending a whopping 10ish days away from home. We’ll be staying in Boston for a few days and going to visit the aquarium and hopefully the zoo too. The Imax at the Aquarium is going to have a showing of Dolphins and Whales in 3d at the Imax (and Star Trek, but the kids are too young for that). Matt also wants to go see the Shaker Village in Mass (where we visited last year). Pretty fun.

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