Day 2

As expected, day two wasn’t as good as day one. But not for the reasons I expected. I expected to loose a little bit of steam and I expected the yearning for my hobbies. But in reality I was just as pumped once I got started. I also have had little or no interest in scrapbooking right now. I have some commitments to meet, but I’m really not fussed, that is what weekends are for right?

What DID cause the derailment was a phone call from Dodi, reminding me that we had a primary presidency meeting. I could have sworn it was tomorrow though. So after scripture time and more bug fact (eew! I HATE looking at those pictures) we moved to the table to play some math games when Dodi showed up. During the meeting Emma and Spencer played with legos in the living room while Lucy stayed at the table playing the games I printed off for her.

After the meeting it was almost impossible to redirect the girls attention back to me, probably due to the fact that today we had actual sunlight for the first time in 4 weeks.

We had some friends over for a little while in the afternoon.

Now I’m enjoying some down time while I prepare for tomorrow. At this point I’m more concerned with getting the routine down rather than the curriculum. This is new for all of us. I don’t want to screw things up by doing too much too fast. You know, like I ALWAYS do! I’m just trying to get Lucy to maintain a good attitude throughout the day and not try to take control of it and trying to get Emma to keep eye contact for more than 3 consecutive seconds. Spencer? Well, I’ll settle for him not killing himself. I’m hoping that in time he’ll learn that he will not petrify if he’s not constantly moving.

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