Day 3

So far so good. Lucy wrote a great story about a robin who’s egg hatched a skunk that sprayed it’s mom and then turned out to be a princess after all!

Emma and I read a book about Baby Bobby Bear who blew bubbles in his black shoes and blue shirt. He has a big brown brother named Billy and he’s building a blue boat until bedtime. She had a LOT of fun coloring the book (I printed it off the computer) afterwards. And she remembered all of the colors.

Lucy also helped me put together a time schedule for our days (you know, if we wake up at 7 and have 1 hour for chores then what time is it?)

Then Lucy read us a story about Lightning McQueen and Mater.

They weren’t interested in my yoga, so they colored. Lucy is writing another story (the title is Dangerous Counting and there is a rock star involved). She came in once or twice for cat and camel stretches, but mostly she wanted to color.

Spencer needed an early nap. We are now relishing in the silence that always accompanies his unconscious state.

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