Day 8

The last two days have been off. Since I felt so awful on Tuesday, Wednesday morning I worked out, so we started school a little late. It didn’t take after that.

Yesterday we skipped it all together. I had a dentist appointment and we left earlier in the morning so I could run some errands.

This morning we read scriptures and sang some primary songs.

Then we read about Theses (Mathematicians are people too).

Then we read a little about the solar system and I showed them how the globe moves around the sun (inflatable globe and light on ceiling) and explained about night and day and why it’s always snowy in Antarctica (an extension of when we talked about penguins).

Then I did a reading lesson with Emma while Lucy played with subtraction.

Emma drew bunnies and moose while Lucy and started filling out an “All About Maine” packet together. We drew maine, looked up pictures of the state bird and flower, drew the seal and flag, etc.

Ah, a good day 🙂

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