Dear Speck

Dear Speck,

I love you already. You are already a part of this family and we think and speak of you constantly. Therefore it is not technically necessary to make your presence known so often.

I know that you are two little for me to feel you move around yet. And that is ok. You are the size of a quarter. I don’t expect to feel you move around. So please, could you stop trying SO hard to get my attention? I actually quite enjoyed dinner last night. Simple but yummy. Not so yummy mixed with stomach acid. And I know that the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich was fairly tasteless, but was it necessary to object so violently? Surely bland foods are better than foods that taste bad.

I promise to always think of you. I also promise to each more chocolate as soon as I can convince Daddy to buy more. I’d have some right now, but your brother and sisters found the bag. Don’t worry though, someday you’ll be able to sneak candy too!

Will Doritos work? I think we have some of those! I know you enjoyed the Pringles, but your siblings found those too. Self sufficient aren’t they?  You liked the homemade french fries with cheese, but I think I’ll kill myself if I eat another bite.

Lucy just suggested Rainbow Sherbet.  Ooooh, that sounds yummy, huh?  Don’t worry, I promise not to eat the green Sherbet again.  Just the orange and yellow.  I know how picky you are.  Ha ha ha!


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