Dear Spencer

You know the big thing that we put you in so you can play in nice warm water? Remember how we always ask you to lay down so we can wash your hair? You are so good at that. So brave to lay down in the water. That big white thing is called a “bath tub”. And you know the smaller white thing that is next to the toilet paper? I know that you know what the toilet paper is, as you are always trying to unroll it for me (so thoughtful of you, by the way). That is called a “toilet”.

While I appreciate your efforts to try to limit the amount of dirty diapers I have to change, the bath tub, however, is not a place for your “business”. And as you are yet too young to use the toilet, (while I applaud your initiative at self potty training) I would ask that you keep said “business” in those nice soft, expensive diapers that we buy for you. They serve a purpose and they do it nicely.


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