Did I say I was nervous?

That was before we vacuumed out our car and scrubbed it clean with the free facilities.  Oh and did I mention the gym.  The AMAZING gym.  
3 racquet ball courts (though one is filled with P90X type equipment).  3 weight rooms, not including the weight room just slapped in the middle of the great big hallway.  One room for just spin bikes where you can check out spin dvd’s or go to classes.  One room for only elliptical trainers, one for only exercise bikes and one for both of those AND treadmills!  A lap pool with a treadmill that can be lowered under water for water running/walking.  Two full regular gyms for basketball, volleyball etc with a large indoor track above it.  An aerobics room for the many classes, all free for Airmen/women and spouses.  Not to mention the cardio machines (treadmills, etc) just scattered though out the whole facility in the super-wide hallways, just in case the machines in the rooms are all being used.
Matt went in this morning to run, he went to show his ID at the front desk.  Not needed.  You just go in.  I guess they assume that since you need to show ID to get onto the base at all, no need to show your id to use the gym.  He made me go in and check it out.  W.O.W!  I can’t wait to use it.  The only thing I would improve on is that there is no child-care.  So I’ll have to find babysitters myself.
We had lunch at a local Mexican place called La Hacienda.  We figured we’d be able to get pretty good authentic Mexican food this close to the border.  We were NOT disappointed!  For $30 we fed our whole family for lunch plus dinner, plus a little more!  There was so much food.  We could have split each of the kid’s burritos (which they all loved) in three and there would have been enough.  I made it through about 1/4 of my chicken avocado burrito before I was stuffed.  The rice and beans were good enough for me to eat.  And for those of you who know me, I hate beans.  But I couldn’t get enough!  Matt also loved his stuffed chili peppers.  They gave us free samples of the juice of the day (their own mixture of whatever fruit of the day it is) which happened to be pineapple and it was to die for.  To top it all off, the service was quick.  Our food was ready well before we expected it to be.  In fact, the salsa was so good, that while it was too spicy for me, it made me think I’d have to build up my spice tolerance just so that I could have more.

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