In an attempt to preemptively stem the flow of nasty comments or emails (not that I have ever gotten a nasty comment nor do I think my blog is widely read enough to bring in comments from anyone other than my friends and family) I want to say this:

I in NO way, in my previous post, was trying to imply that mothers with large families are doing a disservice to their children.  I admire and envy women who have large families!  In fact, I have a sister with 7 children and my husband I both look at her and her mothering skills with admiration.

NOR am I saying that women with one or a few children are selfish (though I have met some, but to be fair, I’ve met moms with lots of children who are selfish, too)

I am only saying that I am what some would (and have) call “delicately balanced”.  In other words, it doesn’t take much for my body or brain to break.  Pregnancy hits me hard, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.  Anyone who is around me when I am pregnant knows that I am mean, emotional and have no patience.  In other words, I am not myself.  Not even close.
It is not a matter of “if she only did _____ it would be better”.  It’s not.  I’m just not built for it.  Like I said, it’s not one size fits all.  I only just barely started to recover from Spencer’s pregnancy and the after effects before I found myself pregnant again.
I also did not in any way, want to offend those who are not of my faith.  But lets be fair.  You are allowed to have your beliefs and I am allowed to have mine, even if we don’t agree.  If you don’t believe all of that stuff I said about eternal families, then fine.  Don’t believe it.  No need to get angry.  I believe it and you don’t.  The End.  I can pity those who don’t have what I believe I have, and you can pity me because I either am deluding myself into thinking that families can be together forever or that I’m jumping through way too many hoops to get it.  Either way.  You think what you want.  I’ll think what I want.  We can both be the unwilling recipient of each other pity.  No need to be nasty (not that I am expecting nastiness.  I’m pregnant and paranoid, give me a break already!)
ALL I am saying, is that for me and my house…

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