Matt just finished reading the DreamHunter series to me.  These books are a fantasy that takes place in an alternate reality of our world (ie, they teach our actual history, quote real poets and musicians and believe in the Bible, but it’s a fantasy as well).  It also takes place in the southern hemisphere which is kind of fun, having Christmas be in the Summer and everything.

I have a bit of a mixed review of those books.  I enjoyed the first one, though not as much as The Girl Who Could Fly (that one is hard to beat).  And it ended on a huge cliffhanger so if you decide to read it, make sure you have DreamQuake handy.

DreamQuake was harder to get into.  Instead of reading it all day every day, it was more of a night time thing, after all the kids were in bed.  Matt would read to me while I tidied up.  But even though it was harder to get into, by the time we hit “The Point of No Return” (the point in the book where no matter what time it is, there is no way you can put it down until you finish), we were pleased.  It ended very well and tied everything up nicely.

So as a whole, while I didn’t LOVE every sentence, the ending make it worth the time to read.  It did leave me with all sorts of warm fuzzies and happiness.

These books are definitely geared towards an older audience, so they won’t be put in our kid’s bookshelf.  And to be perfectly honest, though they are definitely of a PG nature (mostly) it does deal with some subjects that I wouldn’t want my teenagers dealing with.  I’d say that the books are much LESS PG-13 than the Twilight series (as far as descriptiveness), but the couple in question aren’t married and that opens a whole big can of moral worms.  And besides, I tend to have issues with 16 year olds thinking that they are old enough to fall in love and make adult decisions.  Though, to be fair, it does take place in 1906 and most 16 year olds are getting ready to be married by then.

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