Drive Thru History

Want some historical/educational entertainment?  We received our first Drive Thru History DVDs as a freebie when I renewed my HSLDA subscription.  One on the Founders and one on Ancient Rome and Greece.  They were very entertaining, and the host Dave Stotts, is a total goofball.
We just got in this as part of our curriculum.  I highly recommend it.  It’s goofy enough for the kids to love and packed full of facts I just didn’t know.  There has been so much history lost because text book writers are afraid of including anything religious in nature.  You can imagine how much is missing about the story of the Pilgrims (you know, because they left England for religious reasons).
I  didn’t know that the Pilgrims had been arrested more than once before they went to Holland to escape the religious persecution.  I heard all about the Mayflower, but not the Speedwell.  The Speedwell sprung a leak and both ships had to go back while the Speedwell was fixed.  Then they both set said again and the Speedwell leaked AGAIN.  It was later discovered that the crew of the Speedwell had sabotaged the ship so that they could get out of their year long contract and make a quick buck by buying the boat at a discount and then repairing the damage that THEY had caused.
And the pilgrims weren’t nearly as drab as you would think.
We watched Episode 2 today for school because we are still studying the Pilgrims.  Very enjoyable and only about a 1/2 hour in length.

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