Dr's Apt.

I had a Dr’s appointment this morning.  After dropping the kiddos off at a friend’s house, I went in for a nice leisurely time without chasing after Spencer.

FYI, starting on Saturday, I’ve been having some serious contractions.  Nothing to terribly painful, but hard enough to know that they are more than braxton-hicks.  It was a little better Sunday but still there.  Yesterday was a nightmare and I very nearly went to the hospital.  They calmed down a bit in the after noon, but then we went to a playground for a group FHE and they started up again.  I was up half the night and I would have gone in had my appointment not been this morning.  They are much better today (at least, not as frequent).  But I did get a slight scolding from the midwife.  Apparently next time, I am NOT to wait until my next appointment.  This is all just so new.  It’s a big deal to get the kids out of bed in the middle of the night and take them to the sitter.  Usually I’d just call my midwife and she’d say “call me if they get worse.”

As expected, she did check me.  The verdict?  Speck has been a good boy and is head down now (which would explain the foot I felt in my ribs this morning).  It amazes me the instinct that must drive that kind of thing.  His heart rate was 147, just what she would expect a healthy little boy to be (apparently in her experience boys tend to have lower heart rates.)  On another note, I’ve started dilating and am still very soft.  The good news is that if I can hold out at least until Saturday, then they won’t need to air lift me to Albuquerque.  And if he can hold on until Sunday night, Matt will be home.  (He is leaving this weekend for his brother’s wedding).  She said that it is likely I’ll go early given the condition of my contractions and cervix. She said “I don’t think it will be this week, but babies make liars out of me all the time.  My educated guess is two weeks.”  That would put me at 35-36 weeks, which is nothing they can’t handle at the local hospital.

I decided to forego our promised trip to the Zoo.  If I’m going to keep this boy in then I need to stay off my feet.  Which also means that it’s a good thing my girls are good at doing their chores and that school will be little more than reading out loud and educational movies.  I also imagine that wrestling with my kids (mostly Spencer) in sacrament meeting by myself on Sunday wouldn’t be prudent if I want Matt to be there when I blow.

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