Emma's Prayer

Emma is in that oh so cute stage of learning how to say her own prayers instead of the memorized prayer. When she first started this, she would look around and thank Heavenly Father for everything she saw. It was very sweet. Now she tends to ramble on about anything in her three year old brain.

This morning for example…

“Dear Heavenly Fader, Dank you for dis day, dank you for da food and my family. It’s cold outside but I want to play in the sprinkler, I like playing with polly pockets, my toe hurts, I have a purple nightgown…”

You get the picture. About this time, I’ll open one eye to find Matt has done the same and is giving me a questioning look (it’s hard to do with only one eye) and Lucy is balled up on the floor rolling with silent giggles.

Then Matt or I will usually prompt her with an “and I say these things…” and she will finish up. She gives long and rambling prayers a new name ๐Ÿ™‚

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