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Enough waiting and blog already

I’ve decided to stop waiting for my pictures or my scanner to work right so I can show off all of the great, fun things that have happened and just tell you about them.

Saturday it snowed. Matt took all of the kids outside and went tromping in the woods to gather up branches to make a wreath for us. It’s big, full and beautiful. I just wish I could find our big ribbon. His wreaths are always so nice.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting at church. Every month, we go through he same song and dance with Lucy. She says she wants to go up and bear her testimony. She gets up there, chickens out and comes back down and says she will do it in Primary. This week she wrote her testimony down in her sketch book. It says “I am a child av God. And I lov jeesis. Hee is are savyr. And I lov hevlinleefothr. I lov the speerit.” This was what I wanted to scan so show you. It’s so cute! Her little j in “jeesis” is backwords and she has capital letters in the middle of her words. Anyway, I asked her again if she was going to go up and she said no. Then she found the m&m’s in my purse… I told her she could have some if she bore her testimony. That little girl grabbed her sketch book and marched up to the stand. Sat down next to Matt and showed him while she waited her turn. Then she got up and read her testimony word for word. I cried. She was so proud of herself that she said she was going to do it every fast Sunday.

Monday we let Lucy play hookie from school and we went to Bangor as a family since Matt had the day off. Lucy wanted her ears pierced for her birthday. I told Matt that morning that most of me hoped that she chickened out at the last minute because I’m not ready for her to grow up that much. And guess what? She did chicken out, but only AFTER we had paid for the non-refundable titanium/hypoallergenic earrings. So we went to the jewelry store across from the ear piercing place and Matt looked at wedding rings (his fingers have grown a bit and thinks wearing his ctr ring as a wedding band is lame). While we were there Lucy was “thinking” about getting her ears pierced. We told her she didn’t have to do it. It’s not that important. The lady behind the counter said that if she did, she would give her a present. So, Lucy and I went back to do the deed. We left Matt and the other kids at the jewelry store since I figured it would be better for Lucy not to have an audience. We sat her up in the chair. let her hold a stuffed dog. There were two ladies doing it, so it was all done in one shot. The nervous look on her face quickly turned terror as they counted to three. As Lucy’s eyes widened as they pulled the trigger, I had a momentary impulse to pull her out of the chair and run for cover. But then it was over, Lucy’s scared look turned to gleeful as she felt the pretty jewels in her ears and looked at her new reflection for the first time. I started to cry again when we got into the car. She asked me why, and I said it was because she was growing up so fast and I just want her to stay little. And that she will understand when she has kids of her own. My tears quickly dried up when I was then, bombarded with the obligatory “why, how, and what happens if” questions that followed. The “what happens if” questions bug me the most. “What happens if you were not sad that I growed up, what happens if I stay six forever, what happens if…”

We got a tree, came home, put Spencer to bed and then decorated it. When that boy woke up and saw the tree, it was like he had died and gone to heaven. He stood there and marched in place for about 10 minutes while squealing and pointing. Right now he is sitting on my kitchen floor, in a too small Run for Jon shirt, a diaper and one Lightning McQueen shoe, pouting because I won’t let him play with it. Oh yeah, and his hair is sticking straight up.

After we got all of the kids in bed, Matt and I searched for a new wedding ring online. The rings we were looking at in the mall were $250 (Tungsten rings, super hard, never scratch). We found them on ebay for $32. So he talked me into getting one too. We are going to match ๐Ÿ™‚

Another fun thing that is noteworthy. I was laying on Spencer’s floor after sorting clothes yesterday. Emma snuggled up next to me and said “Mama, can we sing” So we sang some primary songs. It was very sweet. I sure love my family.

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