Etsy Wonders

As I find myself sitting a lot today, I’ve been scouring the internet for goodies that I would love to throw money at if I had it.

We use a ridiculous amount of paper towels.  I am not an ecofreak by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d be lying if I said that our paper towel and paper napkin consumption was a acceptable.  So I would LOVE to have a set of 24 beautiful napkins for us to use while we eat (I’d say a set of 12, but we are messy eaters).  Unfortunately these beautiful napkins are pretty expensive.  I’d also be perfectly happy with a couple yards of this fabric so I can make my own.  Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t seem to be much cheaper.

These napkins are SO cute!  Not to fancy, not too casual.  Just lovely.

These are beautiful too, maybe I need two different kinds of fabric and I can make a set for every occasion.

And I love this idea, making napkins that coordinate but don’t match.  I’m not too hot on the purple fabrics here, but I love the idea.
And how fancy are these!  Perfect for Christmas time!
And these napkin rings are stunning!

But my desires are not quenched yet.  I would also love a big set of “paperless” towels for everything I would use a paper towel for.  I will NOT, however, be doing the same for toilet paper.  I have to draw the line somewhere, and it turns out, that line is drawn with Charmin.

And what are paper towels without a paper towel holder?  Cute huh?

I love this bowl so much I want to cry.  Some women have shoe fetishes, I have a bowl fetish (that was a close one, I almost misspelled bowl as bowel).  I feel that a woman can never have too many beautiful bowls to put things in (not to mention mixing bowls for cooking and stuff).  Anyway, it’s my favorite color scheme at the moment.  Bright green, black and white.

Etsy also has a large selection of table runners, which I have recently come to love after Matt bought me one for Christmas.  I must have one of every color.  If not, my life will not be complete.  Time to go to the fabric store!  My table is 72 inches long, which means standard size table runners come right to the edge.  I think these colors need to be a little long then that… you?
Toys for my kitchen aren’t the only things that I covet.  I’ve also been looking for baby stuff too.  Just look at this blanket!  I’m going to die!  In fact.  I can’t stand it… there is only one left!  Forgive me!  I had to.  It now is on it’s way to my house.

This is a baby blanket, but I wish I could get it in queen size!  It would look fabulous on my bed, don’t you think?
And see this beauty!  I can TOTALLY make this (not to mention I’m working on a cuter version of the thing inside)!  I’ve got all the stuff and it will be so easy!!  It’s called a cocoon.  Perfect for my swaddled babies!
I think I’m done now.

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