February 14

Even the MSM got it right this time

Give Me Liberty


I may not agree with his politics (does anyone still think the media is unbiased, anymore?) but after a piece like this, you can’t say that Jake Tapper isn’t a reporter.  In fact, from what I’ve seen, he’s the only MSM reporter who will hold the administration’s feet to the fire and tries to be fair.  I still remember when he called the press secretary out on “rhetoric” from James Hoffa, it was awesome 🙂

Then there is also this (starting at 10:30).

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Courtney Ahroon

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  • You know what launched his career right? He once went on a blind date with Monica Lewinsky…prior to Bill-gate. I’ve met Jake tapper a few times. Lets just say he’s less slimey image nowadays!!


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