Family Adventure

Matt and I decided to make our move to Maine official today. We all went to the DMV to get our Maine driver’s licenses. Matt and I sat on the floor while we waited our turn as Emma and Lucy were playing at a kiddie table and Spencer was in the sling. However, the line was long and DMV workers were few. It wasn’t too long before Emma was trying to get outside every time she thought I wasn’t looking and Lucy was crawling around pretending to be a horse. When it was finally my turn, Lucy took the stack of “Don’t Drive Drunk” bookmarks from the desk in front of me and spread them all out on the floor as she counted them. Then she decided she needed to know every detail in the life of the woman who was processing my application. Spencer had started to squawk and Emma was running around screaming “I hear the doorbell” (that was the sound that was made every time they called a new number). Matt was sitting in the corner trying his hardest to keep Spencer from showing off his high pitched “crack baby” cry. When I was done, I was able to sit and nurse Spencer while Matt got his license. By this time the girls were crawling around under every one’s chairs using the “secret shortcut tunnel”. And just before I stood up to get my picture taken, my loving baby boy spit up his dinner all down my side and onto the floor.

Fortunately, for some reason I didn’t let any of this bother me. My kids were loud but they weren’t screaming and they weren’t mean to each other. Spencer was reasonably content and I got to listen to Harry Potter in one ear while we waited. No one seemed to mind the ruckus, in fact, they all seemed quite amused and even the DMV workers chuckled at Emma’s obsession with the doorbell sound.

And to top it all off, my picture wasn’t nearly as disgusting as it had been the last two times.

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