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Four out of Five Dentists Say…

I know this may seem like a strange rambling to most of you, but I had a bout of nostalgia last night as I was brushing my teeth.

For six out of the almost eight years Matt and I have been married, we didn’t buy toothpaste. And it wasn’t because we don’t believe in toothpaste or in brushing your teeth. We just didn’t have to. As a dental student, we had access to heaps and HEAPS of samples. Crest would send us boxes of toothpaste at a time. I remember fondly how we received 1000 packets of the Crest Whitening Expressions flavored toothpaste. We picked out our favorite flavors and used those first. Matt was partial to the herbal mint. I really liked the vanilla mint, we both liked the cinnamon. The orange flavored lay at the bottom of our toothpaste box because neither of us would touch it. Then we got to try out the Crest with Scope. There were so many, that we were giving them away by the hand full. And now that he’s working, he brings home samples from the office. Not that it’s needed, we still have a huge box full of samples from dental school.

We got toothbrushes too. All the best kinds. Two fancy electric ones. Several Crest Spin Brushes and countless regular brushes.

I remember the day, within the last year, that Matt had had enough. He was finished playing “The Giant” with travel sized toothpaste tubes in flavors we didn’t like (orange was all that was left). He threw the tiny tube in the sink and said “ENOUGH” (actually, it wasn’t nearly that dramatic, but I can’t remember all of the details) He then proceeded to instruct me that it was time to cough up the $2 and buy “Grown Up” toothpaste at Walmart. We did it together, this was a momentous event.

I know you are all DYING to know what toothpaste is good enough for a real live dentist to fork out unnecessary cash to have. After years and years of using the toothpast that Crest gave us, what did we buy? Colgate Total. thats right folks. You heard it here first. The fifth dentist has chosen.

i have another confession. I have used every kind of toothbrush under the sun. What do I prefer? I LOVE LOVE LOVE, the Walmart brand two for a two dollar toothbrushes. I REALLY like them.

Now if only I could convince him to buy some floss… We have an even bigger box of that.

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