Fractions made fun!

Yesterday Lucy finished the “Explode the Code” book that she had been working on.  And since her next book is neatly packed away in our neat little ABF trailer… I figured that she didn’t have to work on it today.  So I pulled out the big guns.

Our school has been pretty crazy since before the move, and we can’t really get fully back into the swing of things until we have our house in order (who am I kidding, until about a month and a half after Speck is born).  So I decided we would just have one subject today.  Math.  Fun I know.  I wanted to stretch their brains if it was all we were going to work on.
How do you teach fractions to children?  One of which still can’t add?  Chocolate!  That is how πŸ™‚  I bought a pack of Hershey’s chocolate bars in the candy section yesterday in anticipation of today’s lesson.  
First, I went over equal and unequal parts with Emma.  
Then, we each got a candy bar.  We talked about how we each had 1 candy bar and no matter how many pieces we break it into.  Emma seemed to understand a lot of it, once we moved into writing fractions is where she lost interest.  But it’s not any less than I expected from her (still pre-kindergarden and all)  They really focused, knowing the reward was eating the object lesson.  Lucy is one sharp cookie though!  We were able to move right into comparing equivalent fractions (1/2 =2/4, you know) and she liked finding the missing number to make the equivalents work.

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