I am a basket case today. For the last three nights I’ve only gotten one or two hours of sleep in a row before I am awakened by a full bladder or a screaming child.

I’m going to paint the bathroom today.

My computer keeps shutting down for no reason so we’re probably going to have to get it fixed again. I’m going to be mad if it’s the same problem as before.

I need to have this baby. I don’t think my family will survive much longer if I don’t. My midwives come over for a home visit tomorrow, I’m 37 weeks on Sunday, my baby shower is Tuesday… and he has been told that he is to be born on Friday. Let’s see if he is as obedient as his older sisters are or if he will actually do what I ask.

Sorry I’m so negative today. It must be my time of the month (ha ha).

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