I had an appointment with the midwives this morning. I can handle a few more days of this. Things are much better now that Mom is here to help. And for some reason I don’t hurt in the same way that I used to. But now I’m starting to ache in new places and I can only handle so much of that. And I’m reluctant to try anymore “natural” remedies to induce labor. I can’t handle any more false alarms.

I told them not to be surprised if I want to be induced at the hospital before the end of next week. And I’ll make that decision a lot earlier than I did with Emma because I don’t want any “they don’t induce on weekends” excuses.

Matt is very excited today. He bought a coat that he loved this last weekend. It was a little too small, but he didn’t want to loose the chance to get such a cool jacket. Well, he thought it over and decided that it wasn’t worth it to get something that wouldn’t fit him perfectly. And wonder of wonders, today, just after I returned the small jacket, one of the right size came in. He called me at the grocery store and asked me to pick it up for him. He is as happy as a little boy on the last day of school.

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