Fun for the Whole Family

The other day we dropped Matt, Spencer and Uncle Jon at the airport. They all headed over to Washington for a family reunion. Spencer was about as good as you can expect a 1 year old to be.

But the girls and I started our “girl week” right away. We kicked it off by going to “the special restaurant with grapes on top” (Olive Garden) for lunch. We then headed over to the mall and target for some shopping! It was so nice to be able to just wander around and look at whatever we wanted without thought of how much time we were taking. Lucy tried on shoes and I looked for a new purse. We all bought crowns from Claire’s (yes, even me). Emma was just so excited to be doing it all. We chanced upon a MEGA sale at The Children’s Place. An additional 50% off already sale items. I bought Spencer a few new shirts and Lucy some shorts. I got her some more clothes at Target (she is growing so fast, and starting school this fall).

Yesterday I went spinning in my kitchen for 45 minutes and then lifted weights. After a quick shower, we dropped in on a friend on our way to Ellsworth. We went to go see WALL-E. SOOOO CUTE!!! I loved it! I don’t think I loved it as much as Cars, but maybe better than Ratatouille. We came and did puzzles and had a make-up party while we watched the first half of Anne of Green Gables.

Today we are off to a the beach after my doctor look in my ear (keep your fingers crossed that I can wash my hair tonight).

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