Fun for the Whole Family

Last night was our halloween party at church. I am activities chair so my committee and I (all both of us) put on quite a show last night. Not being a huge halloween person myself, I tried to keep the creepy factor to a minimum. We had your basic trunk or treat (but it was raining so it was more like, walk up and down the hall and treat). But we also had a picture taking spot all decorated, a scrapbooking area for the kids to decorate the poloroids taken, pizza, chips, soda, and the best part of all was the karaoke! I brought it a long hoping that people would try it out once in a while, but I had music prepared for dancing and figured that maybe two or three people would sing and then we would listen and dance to the music I brought. I was so wrong! After I noticed several people looking through the list of karaoke songs I had, I kicked things off and sang Manic Monday. That was all they needed. For the next hour and a half it was nonstop karaoke fun! Even Matt sang a song. I think it would have lasted longer except people wanted to get their kids home.

Don’t you love how cute my kids are.

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