It’s to the point where I can’t lay on my back and breathe at the same time.  

The insomnia is starting to really get to me.  I usually have no problems getting to sleep as long as I don’t take a nap (which I really feel like I need daily around 2 pm).  But apparently just sitting and watching a movie is enough to keep me from sleeping well.  And when I wake up to use the bathroom, it takes at least an hour to get back to sleep.
I wish that all of the extra sleep that I got my first trimester was stored up for when I need it.
This morning I gave up at 5:30.  I came downstairs intending to get some cleaning and packing done.  Spencer, with his extra sense for causing frustration and destruction, woke up shortly after that.  Lucy just made her way downstairs.
It’s going to be really interesting to look back and see how on earth I managed to get it all done.

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