Hair Crisis

So…. I tried to go blond the other day.  BIG mistake.  I left the salon looking like my kids had taken a yellow highlighter to my head and then a strawberry pooped on it.  I couldn’t go back and have the salon fix it for me because babysitters in this area are SEARIOUSLY lacking.

So after fretting for a few days I called Clairol and talked to a color specialist.  They told me exactly what to do to try and fix it at home.

First I needed to pick up two boxes of Nice and Easy (Clairol brand of course, but since it was the cheapest Walmart had, I wasn’t going to complain).  One box of bright red, the other of dark natural blonde.  The red was to fill in the pigment that had been stripped out of my hair and the dark blonde to put in as my natural color.  But since my natural color is actually darker than that, I ended up getting a bright red and a medium ash brown.

First, I put on the color of the red (only the color, not mixed with the developer it comes with, it was pretty messy).  Then after 20 minutes I added a mixture of equal parts brown color, developer, and regular old shampoo.  Then I left all of it on for 20 minutes.  After washing it out I was left with a very pretty strawberry blonde, not the disaster of a strawberry blonde I had before.  But it still was a bit too light for me.

So I took what was left of the brown color, mixed in equal parts developer and dyed my hair like I normally would.  20 minutes and another hair wash later I am left with a medium ash brown with medium blonde highlights and a hint of red somewhere.  If I were thinner and if I had longer hair I would be a dead ringer for Jennifer Aniston.  I’ll take it.  And it won’t be nearly as unsettling when my roots grow out.  And unless I want my hair to fall out I had better not wash it for the rest of the year!

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