March 7

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach now has a customer for life.
Several months ago I bought their juicer.  I love that juicer.

Well a few weeks ago it was dropped and the on/off switch broke off.  I called them and told them what happened and to see if I could buy a new switch (I had taken it apart and easily put it back together if I had a new switch.
They told me that they were sorry but they didn’t sell replacement switches.  So instead they sent me a new juicer, all I had to pay was shipping costs!
Hamilton Beach now has a customer for life!  Any company who would treat their customers so well (knowing it was the customer’s fault that their juicer broke) deserves my business, especially considering their stuff doesn’t exactly break the bank to begin with!  Next time I need an iron or a Gourmet Panini Press, I’m going with Hamilton Beach 🙂

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Courtney Ahroon

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