I am always trying new things to get my kids to be reverent in Sacrament meeting. Nothing ever works. Friend magazines, Sunday toys, food, books, activity folders… nothing. They ALWAYS end up fighting over who gets what and who’s being mean and whatever else they can find to fight over.

I asked my friend Joey how she got her 6 kids to be so reverent. Among other things, nothing is allowed in the chapel. They don’t get anything to keep them occupied during the hour long meeting. She said that her kids are supposed to sit quietly and listen and those things are distractions. So I tried it today. IT WORKED! Lucy and Emma didn’t fight ONCE! They just sat there bored out of their minds, but quiet! (Lucy did go up to the stand to sit with Matt for a while, but she was still reverent). No more people complaining about how loud my kids are in Sacrament meeting!

Spencer is another problem. He really is too little to be expected to sit quietly. A few weeks ago we had a Stake Relief Society meeting and I learned a little bit about reflexology. So while Spencer sat next to me in the pew and I massaged his hands. The boy sat there for 20 minutes, staring blindly ahead of him while I rubbed one hand, and then the other. After a bit, I started on his shoulders. Only after about 10 seconds of this he shrugged my hands off, put his hand in mine and said “hand”. I guess he likes hand rubs. Emma doesn’t (she thinks I’m tickling her) and Lucy would rather be sucking her thumb.

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