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Harry – Here is where my OCD kicks in

Out of respect to my sister who hasn’t read it, I will not say what happens. When “Order of the Phoenix” came out we knew that we would have a problem unless we bought two copies. It hadn’t even released before we were debating who would get to read it first. Then we decided that Matt would read it out loud to me and that is what we have done ever since. Matt went to Walmart close to midnight on Friday and got in line (he was number 43). So at 6:30 Saturday morning when our children arose we commenced reading. He read to me for 17 hours while I cleaned and cooked (and “shhed” the girls). I didn’t even take a nap. Then after church the next day he read to me for another 6 or 7 while I painted the trim upstairs and he finished. The girls were at Aimee’s house again so we weren’t interrupted.

I must say that I feel some sadness that it is over. I have enjoyed the books so much and it’s sad that there aren’t any more coming out. Kind of like when you finally realize a dream that you have had for years. You are so happy, but the loss of the dream itself is morned. You just need to pick yourself up and start a new dream (Eclipse anyone?)

That being said, it was WONDERFUL! It certainly gives you the closure you crave and answers all of the important questions. Characters that you thought you would hate forever find a special place in your heart and when the stakes are high, you see amazing amounts of talents and bravery from characters that you never would have expected that much from. Hidden potential is realized and above all else, it ends without the frustration that you have felt at the last four (Prisoner of Azkaban was the first cliff-hanger in my opinion.) The questions are answered so fully that after you read it, you know that what happened, had to happen and that is the only way it could be. One of the best parts is that when you are done, there are no loose ends. Nothing to keep you from just sitting back in the satisfaction of finally knowing the whole story instead of having it end and then biting your nails in anticipation until the next one comes out.

And I just have to say well done to Rowling. She is an amazing story teller and although Harry is done, I hope that she isn’t done telling stories.

Matt cried no less than four times at various parts while reading. It’s much easier to hear it than to read it with your eyes and say it out loud. I tried reading once and less than a page later Matt had to take over again because I kept stopping to catch my breath. I’m not allowed to read out loud anymore. It takes too long.

To Megan I only say one thing. Trust Rowling, she knows Harry better than any of us and she knows what she is doing.

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