Well, I dug up my vegetable garden for the winter today. My cucumbers did fabulously, my beans did fairly well (to bad I don’t like beans) and my lettuce held it’s own. My poor corn rose to be six feet tall and sprouted 1/2 an ear. I didn’t realize until too late that I needed to plant at least two to get anything. My broccoli grew 18 inches tall before it sprouted one tiny floret. Not even worth bothering to eat. But it sure was fun. I can’t wait until next year. The best thing was the tomatoes. There is nothing I love more than fresh garden tomatoes. I was looking forward to those most of all. I do square foot gardening, so it makes growing and weeding very easy. After weeks of waiting I finally saw something start to grow from my tomato square. I was so excited! I lovingly tended to this budding tomato plant, carefully watering and weeding. For months I waited for my mouth watering tomatoes. I couldn’t understand why it was taking so long. Finally, frustrated at the mounting bills I have paid to buy tomatoes at the store, I was watering my garden and looking at my poor tomato plant for any sign that something edible would soon show it’s face. Matt comes out onto the deck and says “Uh, you know that’s just grass right?”

I had been growing GRASS! I couldn’t believe it! It was growing right in the center of the square… right where I had planted the tomatoes. Grass. Apparently I don’t know what a baby tomato plant is supposed to look like. Maybe next year.

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