Have I Told Him Lately…

I was reminded yet again this morning how much I love that man of mine. We were talking on the phone when he was on his way to work this morning and I was just wondering which of the many things I had to do today I should put off until later this week.  

Me: I can’t decide if I should declare a home ec. day today and get this house under control, or if I should bury myself in that wonderful sanctuary that is our school room. I guess I could skip my workout, but that always makes me feel guilty.  

Matt: Well, I think that of all those things on your list, the house is the lowest priority. Our children’s education and your comfort is more important than the house.  

Oh baby… And his reaction to my dilemma has made me want to try as hard as I can to be wonder woman today and get it all done (rather than give myself a license to be lazy). I figure if the stars align, it can happen once a month or so…  

Another super part of our conversation  

Matt: I’m just not into sports  

Me: Yes you are, you just don’t like watching them. If someone asked you to play football or soccer, you would be the first one to line up to play. You want to do it, not live vicariously.  

Matt: I guess that’s true. I just don’t like my happiness to depend on whether or not someone else does well.  

Hands off girls, he’s mine!

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