Have you ever noticed

that just because something doesn’t necessarily taste very good, that the fact that it isn’t BAD is enough to keep you reaching for more and more and more when you have the munchies?

I have noticed that on occasion. Usually when I’ve made something to eat and it’s pretty bland or something but doesn’t make me gag, but it is, by no means, yummy in any way shape or form. Yesterday it happened to me with celery of all things!

I gave some to Spencer because he needed to be distracted from something so I figured I’d give him something new. I ate a stick myself while I was making bread dough. Now I don’t like celery. It’s bitter and stringy and always gets stuck in my teeth. But I just COULD NOT STOP! I kept cutting more sticks and munching on them. It got to the point where, while bitter and stringy, I really like the crisp and refreshing feel of it.

So I bought more celery today ๐Ÿ™‚

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