I can’t wait until two weeks from today! Two weeks from today it will be Christmas Eve, but more than that, I will be done with my play! I am having a lot of fun and I’m really glad that I’m doing it, but boy I am in overload. Being gone six days a week + potty training + Christmas time + starting my own business + trying to design for my scrapbooking site + marathon training + no sleep = daily migraines. My headaches have gotten steadily worse since Spencer’s birth. They started getting better when I stopped dieting, but now that I’m so busy and stressed that they are worse then they have ever been. Last night I actually got “lightening strike” pains in my head when Emma squealed. I went to bed at 8:30 last night. I feel much better this morning, but the dull ache is there just daring me to do anything stressful. I’m trying not to get frustrated with my kids. That will help a lot I think.

Other than that, things are going well. Emma is so cute, she calls M&M’s “ems ems” and it’s “Roodle” the red nose Reindeer. She also likes playing “Tug a bar” with “Ooophie” (tug of war with Sophie).

Lucy turns 5 tomorrow. In spite of my valient efforts to keep this Christmas small and keep my kids from having too many toys, there is a piano top filled with presents for Lucy’s birthday and no carpet is to be seen under the tree. Oh well. They are only young once right? Once they start asking for ipods and other insanely expensive presents I’ll put the breaks on. Right now, it’s hard to say no to books, teddy bears and new snow boots.

I swear Spencer is going to crawl before he sits. He can push himself all around the room (though he still has no control over the direction) but has no interest in sitting up. He seems perfectly happy to just lay on his tummy and look around.

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