Hello Lover…

There is a new love in my life…

Matt doesn’t entirely approve…

Mostly because I used the word “lover”…

Would you like to meet the new love in my life?

These are my new running shoes.  And yes, a mere six weeks after having major surgery, I went for a run tonight.  I must say that they were all I had hoped, and so was my run.  Amy and I left my house at 8 pm into the wonderfully cool night air (which, according to the thermometer in Amy’s truck, was 93 degrees).

I can’t tell you how wonderful that run felt.  I do admit that I use the word “run” loosely.  My legs couldn’t go very fast and we were huffing and puffing the whole time, but at the same time I felt wonderful!  I can’t wait to go again Thursday (provided I feel as good tomorrow as I feel tonight).

I realize that I just had major surgery and that more than one person would yell at me for starting to run so soon.  I just couldn’t wait any longer.  I feel better than I have felt in ten months, how can you tell me that I shouldn’t run when I feel so good?  If my belly kills me tomorrow then I will concede to your superior judgement.  But right now, I am a 120 lb hottie stuck in a 170 lb lumpy squishy body.  It’s just so hard to look in the mirror to see the knockout under all of those chins.

To be perfectly honest though, it’s more the experience of the run that I crave rather than the fit of my size eight pants.  If the fit comes too, then all the better.  But I’m not going to worry about it.  I’m going to run when I want, swim when I want, workout with Jillian when I want and (and this is the key) eat when I want.  Once I’m finished nursing then I’ll worry about what to do to fit into my skinnies.

As far as the shoes are concerned, LOVE them!  I was so very light on my feet that my loose “mommy” skin didn’t flop around (although, that may have been due to the heavy duty compression undies I was sporting).  I would however, liken the maiden voyage to that of riding a bike for the first time in a while. My feet do need to toughen up a bit, especially because I was using feet muscles that most of us don’t use during a run, but my tootsies easily navigated the rough terrain.

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