August 12

Henry VIII

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This week we studied Henry VIII.
That is one messed up dude!
I’ve said this before, but most days homeschooling is pretty routine.  Once Jack goes down for his nap we pull out the school books and get to work.  After the one on one lessons with the kids on their various math/english/etc. they all gather around for our combined lesson (art, geography, science, literature).  On this particular day it was history.
I love history!  Over the last few years I’ve realized that the committees that write text books must really try to make history boring because if you stick to the stories it is anything but!
I assigned Lucy some reading about the beginnings of the Tudor dynasty then had them all gather around on the couch while I read Brilliant Brits: Henry VIII

Our lesson went well, as usual.  After we read the book we looked up paintings on Henry the VIII and talked a little bit about the religious politics of the time, how and why the Church of England began, Queen “Bloody Mary”, and Queen Elizabeth.  I also mentioned to Lucy that when she is in high school she can read Shakespeare’s Henry VIII and that it was Queen Elizabeth who was queen at the time Shakespeare was writing (“That explains why she was in my Magic Treehouse book about Shakespeare!  She had black teeth!”)
Lucy takes after her dad.  Matt is the kind of guy who, while in high school, enjoyed making up complicated calculus problems just so that he could solve them.  Lucy is the kind kind of girl who takes her grade scholastic workbook (which we keep around for especially hectic days) with her when we run errands or when I have a doctor’s appt so she can do it while we wait… for FUN!
I’m not foolish enough to try and claim credit for her love of learning, though it certainly makes my job as a teacher easier.
On Saturday she presented me with this essay on Henry VIII and his six wives.  (I’ve fixed her spelling but not the punctuation)

About King Henry

King Henry the VIII is the 2nd Tudor family king and is known for his 6 wives.

About his wives

King Henry 8th had 6 wives.  His first wife was Catherine of Aragon a spanish princess widowed to his older brother Arthur who died before he could become king.  Catherine had 8 kids but only 1 of them survived.  Catherine gave birth to a girl named Mary she was the child who survived and then she got divorced.

His 2nd wife was Anne Boleyn and she gave birth to a girl too and named her Elizabeth (later Elizabeth the 1st).  Anne Boleyn was executed soon after that.

This 3rd wife was Jane Seymour and gave birth to a son and named him Edward but sadly died shortly after that.

His 4th wife was named Anne of Cleves and was said to be very ugly but we don’t know the truth about that.  all we know for sure is that King Henry was not pleased about it.

His 5th wife is Catherine Howard but after 2 years she was beheaded for adultery but we don’t know the truth.

And last but not least his 6th wife Catherine Parr.  Catherine Parr was twice widowed and lived King Henry 8th out until he died.

There is a saying that we can remember his wives:

Divorced, beheaded, died,
divorced beheaded survived.

 She is quite the girl!  I expect extraordinary things from her.

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