He's on the Move

Do do-do, do-dooo.  Look!  A yellow cup!  My favorite!

Yes, Mom?

You’re going to take away my cup?  What for?

I can’t believe you took away my cup JUST to make me perform for the camera.

SCREECH!  Hold one just one minute!

Now what is this?

Oooh, a laminated paper star!  My favorite!

What did you take it away for?  Oh look, a yellow cup!  My favorite!


  • Heather B says:

    Fabulous pictures! He’s mobile now!

  • Lyndsey says:

    He is SO CUTE!

  • Mom says:

    Priceless!! You girls are so lucky to have the technologies to keep such wonderful journals. They will last forever and delight generations to come. I wish I had had something that was so fun and clever.

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