Highlight of the week

The brand spanking new Walmart opened up in Ellsworth. It’s a SuperWalmart and is so FANCY! It’s the biggest one in Maine and possibly New England.

I walked inside and I swore I was in Sears it was so nice! So much stuff. Towels had their own display.

Blue Bunny ice cream is only $3 a carton (as opposed to the $6 we have to pay at the gas station because it is the only place we can get it… yes it’s that good).

AND it has personal Tombstone pizzas (something I shouldn’t eat but can dream about).

AND the best part? The family bathroom has TWO toilets. One normal size, one teenie weenie size perfect for little kids to do their business at the same time as you do. It just doesn’t get any better.

Matt was board today, so in spite of all of us having pretty bad colds, we got all dressed up to visit Walmart (he hadn’t seen it yet).

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