Spencer looking out the back door window for 10 minutes occasionally squealing with delight. I go to check it out, there are two blue jays and a cardinal out at the bird feeder.

Lucy, Emma and I singing in Sunday School today. We sang Search, Ponder and Pray. Lucy had her first solo and she was wonderful. She was in key and did very well, didn’t even miss a beat. We practiced all week with no accompaniment and practiced once with the piano this morning. She’s a pro. She was so cute, her little face got all red, but she sang loud and clear.

The milkshake Matt made for me this afternoon.

The primary kids all giggling when I told them I was afraid of fish.

Matt calling me to tell me he really likes his new calling because of how strongly the spirit influences the decisions they make.

Emma singing the chorus for Search Ponder and Pray all day, every day, since Tuesday.

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