Holy Crow!

I can’t believe I have a kindergardener! She’s been excited for weeks. Anytime she would get upset, all I would have to do is say “You’re going to school in ___ days!” and that would brighten her mood.

In the middle of the night, Lucy came into our room hysterical. Crying and coughing, begging us not to make her go to school. I had her climb into bed with us, and then after a while she calmed down. This morning, she bounded into our room, her excitement making us all jump out of bed. Apparently all forgotten. It seems like Lucy has inherited her mother’s worrying and other neurosis, manifesting themselves in her sleep of all things!

Matt gave her a blessing and it was so cute. I’ve never seen that girl sit so still. She folded her arms and even closed her eyes (something she doesn’t do often). I told her to remember who she was and then we all walked out to the end of our driveway to wait for the bus. I think the bus driver got irritated with me and all of my pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

Emma and I played Uno. I took Emma and Spencer to the park before lunch. That boy loves his slides. I thoroughly enjoyed my quiet afternoon (which went by very quickly). Emma and I made cookies for Lucy before we went out to wait for her.

Look at her face, the bus passed our house so it could turn around so the kids didn’t have to cross the street. Lucy was very scared and thought they weren’t going to let her come home. I saw her face in the window at the front of the bus as it passed our house and she had a panicked look about her. I knew the drama that was to come. After crying and explaining why she was sad she said “But I really liked school, can I tell you all about it!!” She made a few friends named Anika, Nate and Naomi (I think). Naomi LOVES her and has brown hair. She drew a picture of a fairy but her teacher wouldn’t let her bring it home. She had a snack, lunch and then another snack, she had two recesses and went down all three slides and played on the swings. They had coloring time and she really likes her teacher who has brown hair. And she didn’t suck her thumb at all on the bus, at all at school and at all on the second bus ride!

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