Home Again!

We’re home! We had so much fun this week. We left of Friday and dropped our kiddos off at Tara’s house. Here are the girls on the way to their house. They are so excited so spend the week with Bethie and Gabi!

We spent the night Friday and left early Saturday morning for Massachusetts. We had a nice leisurely drive down, stopping several times to see the sights. We got to our hotel around 3pm. We took a nap and then went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I enjoyed it very much, Matt didn’t, he thought it was a little far fetched. I told him that of course it’s far fetched. It’s Indiana Jones!

Sunday we drove to Woodstock, NY to visit my Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle David. We had a lot of fun for the few hours we were there and had big fat steaks (jealous dad?)

Mary Ann has a big and beautiful flower garden. These are my favorite flowers. I am a sucker for orange flowers. She told me what they are called, but I forgot.

Matt helped place a rock in their stairway while we were there.

Handsome boys getting along very well.

Maybe not as well as I thought ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are Matt and I enjoying ourselves. ย That is one of their dogs, Duncan (Hudson wasn’t interested in being photographed).

David, Mary Ann and Duncan

Monday we went to the Shaker Village in Hancock. We love the Shaker style. The furniture and architecture are so clean and simple and elegant.

Look at the neat adult size cradles for soothing the sick. I want one!

Here is where they made the brooms.

The Shakers are also known for making these oval boxes. I fell in LOVE with them. In the gift shop they were insanely expensive ($35 for a 2″ high box) so I got a couple books with plans so I can make them myself. Aren’t they beautiful! We were the only people walking around because it was late in the day, so the guy in the box shop nice enough to stack them up for me so I could take photos from the right angle.

A ski resort right next to where we were staying is completely powered by this one windmill. I love windmills, they are beautiful and really are the most esthetically pleasing of all the power generators in my opinion.

On Tuesday we went to a few other museums and walked around some of the neat old towns. That is certainly one thing I will miss about the east coast. The architecture is just not the same anywhere else. On Wednesday we went horseback riding (LOVED it!) and visited Naumkeag.

Naumkeag is one of those big mansion Summer Homes of the insanely wealthy. The last descendant died in the 50’s and donated the house and grounds to a trust that preserves places like this. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let us take pictures inside the house. It was amazing. It looked very much like what would be found in a palace. What I loved most about it is how they managed to combine brick, stone and cedar shingle and have it look natural and seamless. This is the back of the house.

The grounds (the gardens weren’t flowering)

The view

The fountain

On Thursday we went to Boston and walked around the Freedom Trail. We also redescovered why we HATE driving in Boston. It’s not so much the traffic as the roads and how there are no signs showing where you are and how to get to different places. There are also no signs telling you that you are in an exit only lane and you get forced off of the street you want to be on without any warning whatsoever. We really liked walking around Boston though. Then we went to the Temple and did a session and then were asked to do some sealings. It was nice, it’s been over a year since I have been.

Friday we came back. I was so excited to see our kids. Lucy was really sad to go home… until she saw us and realized how much she missed us after all. She spent the next 20 minutes telling us how she doesn’t like anyone else’s house but ours. But I know she had fun. Emma was delighted to see us, as always. Spencer was bigger, stronger, braver and has another tooth. He isn’t a vampire anymore ๐Ÿ™ But he still has his “crack baby” cry, which makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ It always makes me laugh when he does it. Look at how tired they are.

When we got home I cleaned out the car (I don’t think it’s been that clean since we got it) and checked my 180 messages on google reader! Thank you again Tara for watching my children! You are an angel!

Today I am going to finish painting the downstairs bathroom and Matt is working on the stairs. He starts his new job on Monday! Wish him luck!

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