Home, Sweet Home.

I am home now.  Yes, I know it’s a little early for someone who had an emergency c-section… but I would rather lay around here with Matt with me, than lay around there without him.

But all has not been smooth sailing.  I came home, sat in my chair and Emma immediately came to tell me that her tummy hurt.  So I sent her up to lay down in her room.  She came down later with her pillow and a towel (just in case).  She isn’t happy about having a restraining order against her and the baby, but I think she understands, and frankly is feeling too poorly to care much.

Lucy is playing at a friend’s house, so Matt took Spencer and went to Walgreens for a Rx for me.  Not ten minutes after he left Emma threw up all over the couch.  And here I am, just as helpless as she is to do anything about it.

I literally can’t walk.  I’m ok if I take it really slow and have just taken pain medication, but it’s been a few hours and the ibuprofen isn’t making a dent (which is why Matt is on this errand for me).  It’s crazy, I need Matt to be my crutch whenever I need to go anywhere, and I usually end up in tears once I get there.

So cleaning up Emma’s mess is going to have to wait until he gets home.  Poor guy, he’s a sympathy puker and this is going to try his constitution.  At least she can bathe herself and it was kept to a very small part of the couch (the cushion cover comes right off and into the wash).

Welcome Home Mom!

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