Home Sweet Home

Before I go on and on about our weekend, here are some of my favorite pictures from our last trip to the beach

Here are the kiddos, so excited to leave! They were very good on the 10 hour drive. I was surprised at how little Spencer cried. And Sophie didn’t pee in the car once!

Here is the old Gould Farm. Ralph Moody, the author of “Little Britches” wrote several books narrating his life. One of them, “Fields of Home” took place here in Maine, and this is his grandfather’s farm.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones who wanted to get away for one last weekend before school starts.

Lucy and Emma quickly adopted Mary Ann. They loved her immediately and whenever we were seperated for more than 5 minutes they would say “Where’s Mary Ann?” Emma would call her “Marian” half the time, but it was cute.

Spencer was sad because we said he couldn’t play in the cupboard where they crystal was stored.

Emma, our resident animal lover, decided that Duncan needed to come home with us. She found that rubber chicken within two minutes of arriving and didn’t turn it loose until we left.

What a great smile.

On Saturday, the treated us the the Duchess County Fair. It was very fun. The girls loved the goats. And the goats loved to eat Lucy’s shirt. Spencer was pretty excited too. We were able to see a demonstration of police k9 unit. That was very impressive. Those dogs are machines!

You know your child is tired when she falls asleep in the dog bed.

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