So our house SHOULD be finished today.  Which mean’s we MIGHT get our keys tomorrow.  Or Monday.

Matt was supposed to get a few days off to move in.  But that isn’t working out as we had planned.  His schedule is packed and there isn’t any way they can shift his patients to someone else.  So we’re REALLY praying we can get in tomorrow, so that he can work through the weekend.

So I called to schedule the delivery of our truck for tomorrow.  But I learned that they only drive up to Alamo on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I called the housing office to make sure that it was ok to have our truck delivered early.  She said “I don’t see that you have another choice”.  What an awesome way to endear ourselves to our new neighborhood!  By parking a huge trailer that will take up half the road for nearly a week.  Awesome.  Like they aren’t already going to be mad because we didn’t have to wait a year to get in.  Oh well.  Hopefully my sparkling personality, charm, Spiderman t-shirt and huge belly will win them over (how can you hate a pregnant woman with a Spiderman t-shirt?)  And if that doesn’t do it, then Spencer’s 3 front teeth will do it.

I’m going to head over later before the truck is delivered to warn the people mostly effected.  Apparently they like to park on both sides of the street.  But only my driveway should be blocked.  So while it might be an eyesore and inconvenient, it shouldn’t put them out too much.

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