I am SO ready for bed.

I am SO ready for bed.

It’s been another long day. Matt and I slept up in the attic last night. There are no windows up there, so we were hoping that the extra darkness would make it easier for us to sleep in. No dice. Kids banging on the door at 6 am as usual.

I really didn’t want to work out today. I’ve been so good all week. I did Jillian’s 30 day shred level 2 monday thru thursday and on thursday after the shred, I went on a run. Yesterday I was BEAT, so I didn’t do anything. And I wasn’t in the mood today. Turns out I didn’t need it.

Matt and I spent the morning digging up rocks and raking roots in the dirt in our backyard. I got my squats and lunges in while I loaded the wheel barrow and I got a hill workout in as I chases Spencer up and around the yard trying to keep him in sight. I even got a fair amount of lung work too. Emma found several “Best Friends” while digging and more than once… or twice I had to yell at her to PLEASE put the worms back in the ground. They really LOVE the dirt and it makes them sad when she carries them around in her hand. Then she would cry and sneak off to jump on the trampoline with her “best friend”. Something tells me I need to have more play dates.

It was fun working out there though. I’m always surprised how satisfying it is to do manual labor side by side with Matt. It kind of gave me a nostalgic feeling as I watch Emma dig up worms and Spencer playing on the wood pile. It made me think maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if we had to give up all of our technology and get back down to the way things used to be. When REALLY our bread is made by the sweat of our brow… but I also REALLY liked that I hooked up my ipod to some speakers on our porch and listened to Taylor Swift while we worked. Matt and I bantered about who’s playlist is the best. Besides… I REALLY like my computer ๐Ÿ™‚

We went to Bangor to pick Lucy up at the Stake Center after the Priesthood Session. Apparently Emma’s worm digging wasn’t enough to tire her out for the day. She is the reason why parents medicate their children. Next time I take her out in public I’m putting her in a straight jacket on a leash. Spencer, on the other hand was an angel. I bought him a little baseball cap for this summer and he was a happy camper the rest of the day. Matt and I picked up “Dan in Real Life” and we were going to watch it tonight, but I’m tired and I think we both need some serious SLEEP!

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